Well, we see many different ways how to get rich. You can be rich in memories. You can be rich in experience you make throughout your lifetime. Or you can be rich thanks to your friends and their achievements too. There is just many ways one can become rich and it doesn’t need to be

necessarily the wealth what makes you happy by the end of the day. Becoming rich is a colorful palette of combinations. And getting old? That’s another part of the story. It’s just the way it is and no one can turn it around. So better face it or just don’t worry about it.

Lenka Ivančíková
Tereza Vejvodová
Tomáš Koucký
Michaela Poláková
Amálie Kovářová
Terézia Halamová
Markus Krug
Jana Smokoňová

This is how we do it

1. Idea

Where the magic is born. Give us your idea, or let us develop it for you.

2. Script & Storyboard

The bible of the production. We write down what should be done, and how. For those who can’t read we add pictures.

3. Preproduction

We find the right place, people, equipment, and magic spells.

4. Shooting

The core of the job. From single shot to large production with drones and explosions, we are here to fulfill your wishes.

5. Postproduction

The polishing stage. Add more flames, flying shark, or just remove wrinkles? You name it.

6. Happy end

We love to tell stories and finally we can share one together. Everybody gets happy and rich.

And this is how to reach us

Badeniho 290/1, Praha 6 - 160 00
+420 736 162 091, +420 605 545 544